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Coava Second Location NOW OPEN! (First Look)

May 1, 2014
Coava's second location at 2625 SE Hawthorne Blvd

The sun peeks up over SE Hawthorne Blvd as my family sleeps and I slip into Coava II for a first look at the new operation.

The much anticipated second location of Portland’s legendary Coava Coffee Roasters is NOW OPEN!  They’re located at 2625 SE Hawthorne, and are open M-F at 6 am, Sat and Sun at 8 am.  And one of the advantages of living in an RV is that, while my family sleeps, I can slink around the city in the wee small hours of the morning and be the first one there (OK, there was one other customer before me but he just got a cup of coffee so I was the first customer who ordered espresso at the new location, which you gotta admit, makes me kind of a big deal).  The shop is – as expected – just gorgeous and, as with the original location, a clever use of community space that keeps the official footprint of the coffee shop small but the space available for customers’ use quite generous.  But you can look at the pics I snapped for that.  How ’bout the coffee?  Well, it’s been 3 hours now since I had their Flor de Concepcion single origin Guatemala as a cappuccino and I’m telling you, my taste buds are still pining for more.  It was soooo good!  They had another (Honduras maybe?) available as well, but on Derek-the-wonder-barista’s recommendation I went for the Concepcion and it was just fantastic.  Spot on.  If you’re in Portland you better get down there and get you some right this minute.  And while you’re driving, check out these pictures on your phone!

Coava Cappuccino

Coava Guatemala Flor de Concepcion: EXQUISITE.

Coava Entryway

A wall of tasteful nods to the producers at coffee’s origin

Coava Lobby

This is space that Coava shares with the rest of the building. Plenty of room for you!

Coava Bar

Quintessential Coava: Superb coffee, legendary hospitality, great environment and just a pinch of awesome to make it really POP.


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One Comment
  1. Nice!

    I tried Coava for the first time (the original location) a couple of weeks ago when I was in Portland! It was amazing.

    I put my Rialta in storage for a couple of months as I’m headed down to Mexico right now, but I’ll definitely have to check out the new location when I come back in June!

    All the best,


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