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Pictures from our Trip to L.A.

March 1, 2014

We did a quick trip to Los Angeles where Carissa judged at the Big Western Barista Competition.  It was pretty much down and back, but we did manage to squeeze in a little fun and another dozen or so coffee shops.  I’ll be writing about the coffee stuff in the coming weeks, but meanwhile here are a few pics from our adventure!

LA 4

Carissa flew down early so it was just me and the girls on the drive down. The weather was perfect so we found this park to have a picnic and run around a bit.

LA 3

Hangin’ with my coffee posse at Go Get ’em Tiger

LA 8


LA 6

Beach babes

LA 7

Carissa headed in for a day of judging (Xandra is there for moral support)

LA 9


LA 2

This is an ALMOND MILK machiatto from Timeless Coffee in Oakland. In case you’re unfamiliar with the characteristics of that milk alternative, this level of art on this drink with that milk is impossible. I have a picture of it and I STILL don’t believe it.

LA 1

Back in Portland!

  1. Irene Niemyer permalink

    The pictures are wonderful, but I have trouble logging in on the site to reply there or comment or hit like. So I’m just going to reply this way. Wanted you to know we enjoyed the pics and glad you had a good trip and are safely home again. I’m ready for June and a few less miles between us. Did you tell Trinity we thought her solo was wonderful!?

    Irene Niemyer

  2. I am so jealous of your life.

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