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You might live in an RV if….

February 12, 2014
If you are always looking for amazing places to park, you JUST MIGHT live in an RV!

If you are always looking for amazing places to park, you JUST MIGHT live in an RV!

…you plan your day around when and where you’re going to have access to toilets so you can reduce the frequency of trips to empty yours.

…you can’t drive through a neighborhood without identifying possible parking spots – even when you are never going to need to park in that neighborhood.


House sitting during Christmas. With an oven!

…your favorite part of doing community dinner at someone else’s home is access to their oven.

…you can’t set anything down… anywhere… ever…without the thought crossing your mind “is that going to stay there when I start driving?”

…you can’t turn on a faucet…anywhere….ever…without thinking about where that water is coming from and wondering how much of it is left.

…you’re on a first-name basis with every employee of every grocery store in town because your refrigerator is the size of a shoe box, making you go shopping constantly.

…you’ve identified all the best places to get LP gas, rated for price, customer service and – most importantly – whether there’s sufficient room to pull an RV next to the tank.

…you hold magnets and velcro in higher esteem than all else.



If any of these are true about you, you JUST MIGHT live in an RV!


  1. I love what you are doing especially as parents not skipping a beat.

  2. Yup … except for the magnets!

  3. Hello!
    Very funny! We lived in our RV for about 14 months. It is all true. Once our oldest goes off to university next year, we are thinking about doing it again (gluttons for punishment I guess). I have to admit after many years of home ownership, I am done with endless weekends of yard work, cleaning, Home Depot runs, and high bills. A house is way over rated. Thanks!

  4. Chris permalink

    We spent 6 weeks in our Rialta this past summer with our 4children and dog. Sleeping was a bit challenging but we loved it. Drove from Orlando to Vancouver bc and then back! Maybe we passed you we saw about 5 Rialtas on the road.

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