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My family lives under a bridge

February 9, 2014


I’ve always kind of wanted to live under a bridge.  Well today, my dream came true!  For those who may not be fully up to speed on our adventure, we are blogging about how we travel around the United States in our 2000 Volskwagen Rialta, and we have certainly been doing some of that.  But we are still anchored in Portland, Oregon, while we’re in the process of selling our final coffee shop (we’ve had 3).  So until that happens we’re based in Portland and just taking trips here and there while living around town in our RV. 


SO….we’ve become quite the experts at finding great spots to park and staying out of trouble (what we do is just a wee bit illegal) but this week we’ve had a new wrinkle to contend with:  SNOW BLIZZARD 2014!!!!!  I’ll be honest, for a family of four residing in a 21 foot glorified van this does present some interesting challenges.  Not only do you need to stay warm, you also need to be able to drive that thing around.  And if you’re stealth camping (and that’s all we EVER do) getting out to scrape ice all the time just kind of blows your cover.  So as the storm worsened and the fluffy stuff just kept on falling, we decided we needed to be out of it.  Car wash?  Too much light.  Drive through fast food with covered window that is closed for the evening?  No good, they open too early.  Big tree?  Not a bad option, but finding a huge evergreen that sticks out over the road is a trick.  No go.  Hey!  What about that river? Aren’t there some BRIDGES that cross that thing?  And where there’s bridges, there’s places to park under bridges, right?  DONE!  

It was an elegant solution.  Dark.  Quiet.  Flat.  And completely free from falling ice that would ultimately require scraping.  It happened to be the weekend, so the industrial area where we landed was a ghost town, save a few homeless people with stolen grocery carts who had the same idea.  Perfect.  We slid quietly in, bundled up for the night, and drifted off for a peaceful night’s slumber.

Until about 2 a.m. when I discovered the one fatal flaw in my otherwise perfect plan.  TRAAAAAIIIIINNNNNNNNN!!!!!!  In our optimistic zeal we had not considered that those tracks we drove over about 100 feet away from our spot were going to be some train’s path through the city later.  Several minutes of bone jarring, horn blasting, RV rattling reality later this perfect spot had slid several notches down the list.  Yeah….I don’t think we’ll be back here.  Oh well, it was fun while it lasted!


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  1. About parking under trees,evergreen trees in particular because when they get enough ice on them they come crashing down and I can say that from first hand experience. Good Luck.

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