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Dragged into Paradise Kicking and Screaming

February 4, 2014


I was grumpy today.  Well, not really grumpy, but I definitely wasn’t feeling all chipper and sparkly and ready for an amazing afternoon.  OK, I guess that sounds like I was grumpy.  So when my kids lit up at the idea of going on a hike at the trail head we accidentally went to I was NOT in the mood.  But like kids do, they dragged me into paradise kicking and screaming.  And like paradise will do, I was grump-free in no time.  And like I do, I’m getting ahead of myself, aren’t I?  Let me back up.

In order to appreciate this story, you’re going to need to know that Carissa is in an intense work season right now.  She’s got two clients that she is helping with overnight postpartum care, which means she is on day 9 of a 21 day stretch where she’s working every single night from 10 pm to 6 am.  To help facilitate this insanity, we park near her client’s house.  I get up at 5:45, drive over to pick her up while the kids stay asleep, she crawls in the back and goes to sleep and I drive towards the school.  Then I get the kids up, get breakfast, get ready for school, and get them off by 8:30 – all while she sleeps – and then head off to the coffee shop where I work a regular shift, getting off just in time to go back and pick the kids up again.  Then if I have anything else to do such as book keeping, marketing, shopping, or any of the other myriad of things someone does when they own a coffee business, I try to squeeze those in around kid-wrangling and being the full time driver of our house.  And somewhere in there we’re supposed to try to have normal adult conversations as well (yeah, right).  So our life isn’t always like this, but it is for now so that’s what it looks like.

And today I was NOT planning on going on a hike.  Waaaaay too much to do!  But I did acquiesce when Carissa wanted to park “near that tunnel” on the other side of the river, so I headed that direction.  Then on the way we got into a brawl (OK, it was kind of a nice disagreement) on where the road went so I just drove on down there to prove I was right (I was of course, this IS my story).  And on down that road was where we found this trail head which just happened to have a perfect place to park the RV.  DONE!  And of course as I backed in and the girls saw that trail heading off into the forest they assumed it was kind of like a little gift for their day and got all excited about this hike they assumed we were going on.  Augh!  My day of productivity is going down the drain fast!

Carissa mentioned that she did have some curriculum she needed to work on for a class she’s teaching, so when I looked at the girls with those goofy, hopeful grins of theirs it was over.  And off we went – the girls skipping and giggling and me scowling and grumbling – down the trail.  Kicking and screaming.

Into… paradise.


  1. You have a wonderful life with many unknown rewards in your future with all the grumpy moments as valuable treasures tucked away in your memories.

  2. Congrats on living life on your terms an to the fullest! We had an incredible opportunity to travel as a family by sailboat for 3 years and loved it.
    We recently launched a podcast where we interview traveling families to encourage others to get out of the box and do the same. I’d love to catch up with you for an interview if you’d be willing.
    My email is familyadventurepodcast(at)gmail(dot)com and the website is:

    Thanks! Erik Hemingway

  3. Katherine permalink

    Hi there, I just devoured your entire archives after searching for “living in an rv with a family” and I have to say, your blog is one of the two most inspiring I’ve read to date (the other being Mr. Money Mustache-highly recommended). My husband and I have two boys and I can see us living this way, and getting so much more out of life than we are at the moment. We’ve fantasized about buying a Rialta to travel to Missoula to see my family (nice roundup of Zootown, btw. The analogy of being the tallest midget was hilariously spot-on!) but seeing as how we blow over 1500/month in rent we may as well live in one. Getting my husband to see the value in minimalism will be a bit of a challenge at first, but I’m counting on your first hand perspective/knowledge to give him that extra kick in the arse! Thank you for sharing your stories in such an informative and entertaining way. They are invaluable to folks like myself and subsequently my family.

    • Thanks for your very kind note Katherine! What a treat to hear from you. I wish you all the best in your journey.

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