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It’s 2014! Do something amazing!

January 4, 2014


Are you a new year’s resolution kind of person?  Well I am!  I love using a new year as an excuse to think about my life, my goals, what I hope to accomplish, and making a commitment to do it.  Why not!  You only get one of these (life) so you may as well get about the business of making it as amazing as possible.  I figure people who go all bah-humbug about New Year’s Resolutions are people who have tried and failed so many times that they’ve had the dookie (pardon my french) kicked out of them and just can’t believe there’s any reason to try anymore.


Do I have to go all Zig Ziglar on you and remind you that if you have nothing to shoot for you will most certainly hit it!?!

OK.  So what can you think of that will be amazing?  I know that Carissa wants to become a head judge for barista competitions and judge at the World Barista Competition. Amazing!  I think this year I’ll break into coffee consultation and book appointments to help other shops and individuals meet their coffee goals.  Amazing!

See how easy that is?  And it doesn’t have to be something ridiculous that you can not realistically do.  Just use the opportunity to think through some ideas of how you want your 2014 to look, and then figure out a plan to make that happen.

On that same note, I think I’m going to do some more writing this year.  I’ve been guest blogging for Barista Magazine at their blog and I’ve gotten some decent attention on my blog (this one, which gets several thousand hits a month). But I’d like to increase my impact this year.  So I’ve created a work schedule that allows for more writing, and a plan to crank out more content on a variety of topics (coffee, minimalism, consultation, and photos).  I think if I approach it this way, I’ll get thousands of more hits, and I think that will produce some interesting opportunities.  Sounds like fun don’t it?!?

Maybe, it will be….AMAZING!

  1. Wes Bartel permalink

    Great post Don! Maybe that would work for an old geezer like me!!

  2. irene permalink

    Chuck and I were just setting a goal on New Year’s Day to get you to do more writing. We want an eBook from you or at least short stories. We know you can educate and entertain us all now that you are allowing more time for this. Now we’ve accomplished our goal. But we’re not resting until you publish your first eBook!

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