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Our life is like….

October 13, 2013


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  1. Irene Niemyer permalink

    Just was able to see this today. Beautiful!

  2. Sasha permalink

    That video is so the 2013 version of
    the Little House on the Prairie intro. You should put it to that music!

  3. Chris Owens permalink


    I am one of the original founders of Handsome Coffee Roasters in Los Angeles. I discovered your blog because I have a dream to live in a Rialta as well. Come to find out you all are “coffee people” as well. So excellent. I would love to meet up some day and see your set-up, talk about living in the Rialta and share a coffee.

    Chris Owens

  4. Sheryl permalink

    Hello, Niemyer family :-). I stumbled on your video about living in your Rialta and doing the minimalist thing after having scoured the Internet for quite some time as research/info. for my own voluntary transition to living in a small rv or camper. Absolutely loved your video! Very clear, informative and friendly – with some terrific ideas (the magnetic strips with the tins was a great one). Also want to live in Oregon and am looking at an older Dodge Brougham Sportsman – looks like a smaller version of your Rialta. Lived in OR before but had to return to CA. Like you I am frugal, live simply while having what I need, and I embraced the minimalist/FengShui lifestyle long ago (sooo liberating). Nice to see others with the same philosophy in a society that, despite the present economy, still celebrates and promotes gluttony, excess and acquisitiveness. Just had a couple questions you may be able to answer: How does one establish a “homebase” address for auto insurance/registration, tax stuff, mail, bills when living mobile? Do you have a mail-forwarding address or something else? Do you need to register the rig in the same state listed on your driver’s license? Do you have Good Sam membership, and if so, is it worth whatever it costs? And about boondocking (that’s where it’s at), do you find you can park safely and legally – without being hassled – in enough areas besides on BLM land? I I realize I have asked a lot of questions…sorry. Anything you can take a moment to answer would be greatly appreciated. Safe driving out there. Thank you for your time 🙂

    P.S.: If you are spending time in Oregon, in the Eugene/Springfield area, Winco is a great place for groceries – great prices. You probably knew that, but thought I’d mention it anyway. I am also a big fan of Dollar Tree and Bi-Mart there, plus lots of thrift shops. Saturday Market (every Saturday April – December) is also lots of fun and you can get wonderful organic produce at reasonable prices.

    • Hi Sheryl! Thanks for your thoughtful comments and questions. So far we haven’t had to tackle the mail issue, but I know there are lots of services that provide you with an address and a variety of services such as depositing checks or forwarding items to you at an address you designate based on where you happen to be. We’ll be using one of those once we don’t own a business anymore, which is where we currently get our mail. I have no idea about the registration question. We do have a Good Sam membership, but only because we ordered an item online and the membership basically paid for the shipping. We haven’t used it otherwise. Boondocking! Now there’s a question I can speak to authoritatively! We have now lived in our rig for 20 months. We have never stayed at a campground, and never plugged in to “shore line” power. We are completely self contained (well, we have to use dump stations if that counts). Our experience has been way better than we thought. Mostly we park on the street curb in non-residential areas such as schools (weekends or summers) or parks. We have only been “knocked on” three times. Two were park rangers politely letting us know the park was closing and one was a home owner who yelled “you can’t park here” then drove away. Obviously you want to keep a low profile and don’t stay in one place too long (we move daily) but our experience has been that if you are thoughtful you can park just about anywhere you want for one night. I hope that helps! Happy travels!

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