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July 11, 2013

Super-Small Batch Roasting

One of San Francisco’s newer operations – and one of our favorites – is Front Coffee.  In our one little visit their passion and enthusiasm for excellence shone through in every aspect.  Two sharply-dressed baristas were running the tiny espresso bar, while one tie-clad gentleman manned the even-tinier roasting operation.  Their hospitality was second to none, and the coffee was excellent.  We learned that Front was created in the space of Autofuss, a San Francisco company that does things we don’t understand with robots.  The owners of Autofuss put Front Coffee in a former loading dock on their space presumably so they could have great coffee whenever they wanted, but the neighborhood of Portrero Hill is the beneficiary.  And you can be too if you’re in town!  If you visit don’t miss seeing the micro-roastery in the corner, the lab-beakered doses of pour over beans, or the humorously obnoxious wall-sized sign outside encouraging you to “Never, ever, ever, never, ever park here”.


Front from the front


Front Menu


Front sign at the back of the room


Pre-measured pour over doses in lab beakers


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  1. Wes Bartel permalink

    Sounds like my kind of coffee place.

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