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Four Barrel Coffee

July 11, 2013

Making amazing cups of coffee the slow way at the Pour Over Bar

In her book “Left Coast Roast”, Hanna Neuschwander says Four Barrel Coffee is the Playboy Mansion of Specialty Coffee.  Yep, that about nails it.  Big, bawdy wood and fixtures set the tone for powerful coffee and a delivery system that serves it up efficiently .  I loved that when you walk in you know exactly where to go and what to do. And if their espresso bar is designed for maximum efficiency, they’ve accommodated the other end of that spectrum with their pour over bar:  A distinct bar with its own POS, menu, and barista where the coffee comes slow and the conversation flows freely.  No one is in a hurry at the pour over bar, which totally compensates for the inevitable “cattle-in-the-chute” feel of moving through the usually-long line at the espresso bar.  Our conversations were delightful, our drinks were excellent, and the atmosphere was stunning.  When you go don’t miss the pour over bar experience, the almond milk available at the condiment bar, watching the roastery in action at the rear seating area, and the industrial aprons with each barista’s name stitched right on there!


Half n Half or Almond Milk available at the condiment bar




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