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The World is My Yard

March 10, 2013

Sandy RV Wide  Sandy RV

One of our life’s current luxuries – which I confess we take advantage of far too infrequently – is that we can “live” anywhere we want (anywhere you can park a car that is).  Most times we do what most people do, I suppose, which is we live our lives at the mercy of whatever life brings to us.  We live near our kids’ school so we can pick them up at the end of the school day.  We live near our coffee shop so I can walk to work in the morning.  We live near the home of a friend because we’re having dinner with them.  And so on.  But once in awhile, we take advantage of the possibilities afforded to us by living in a mobile home, and pick the coolest place we can think of to live.  This morning it was on the banks of the Sandy River just outside of Portland.

Now, we didn’t’ stay there overnight.  Folks are a little particular where you stay overnight in your RV, and you have to choose an unassuming spot for that if you’re “boondocking” like we do every night.  So we went to sleep in one of our usual dependable spots, and early the next morning – as is usually the case – I awoke before everyone else.  And usually I either head off to work or putz around making coffee trying not to wake everyone up.  But on this beautiful Sunday morning I climbed into the cockpit

Sandy chairs

Trinity reading in one of the front Captain’s Chairs

and took off down I-84, cruising along the banks of the Columbia River, following the same path Lewis and Clark followed on their historic way towards the Pacific Ocean, quite illegally flying down the highway while my girls lay asleep, unbuckled and completely unsafe, just like me and all my friends did in the back of station wagons all during the 70’s.

We got just outside of Portland and pulled off at Lewis & Clark State Park, headed a little ways down the Colombia

Sandy eggs

Bacon, eggs, spinach and smiles

Scenic Highway, and found a great place to nestle back near the river.  I strategically backed our 2000 Winnebago/Volkswagen Rialta in where the extended rear portion was hanging off over the river bank, so that massive back window would create the perfect scene for our breakfast, turned the two front seats around (that’s the only place to sit when all the other seats are folded into beds) and started working on hand grinding my morning coffee.  Eventually the ladies all woke up and we cooked up some bacon and egg and spinach skillet thing (by “we” I mean Carissa) and enjoyed a perfect Sunday morning breakfast and devotional….

RIVERSIDE!  It was perfect.Sandy chairs 2


Exploring the Sandy River – just like Lewis & Clark!

Later on we went exploring the river, hiking around, skipping rocks and pretty much doing nothing, which is what folks ought to do sometimes, especially if they can do it in such a picturesque environment.

Yep, most days we just take what comes at us.  And tomorrow it’ll be back to the grind.  But this morning we took ahold of that ‘ol life and told it what to do.  And this morning, life liked it just fine.


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