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Sick Day!

December 5, 2012

One of the things we used to talk about doing before we were doing this was how that – since we were saving so much money on rent by living in an RV – we could afford to stay in a hotel from time to time basically just for fun and to have a little space to breathe.  Well we actually never have gotten around to doing that.  Mostly because we’re still outrageously poor thanks to spending all that money we save on things like new tires and what-not.  But today our hand was forced.  Carissa got sick.

Now we’ve had little sicknesses here and there and haven’t had a need for anything so drastic and luxurious as a hotel room to deal with it.  But today was Sunday, which meant the girls weren’t going to be in school (or as we like to call it, government provided childcare).  Plus the Steelers were playing the Ravens and it was a televised game (they won!), and Carissa’s sickness came with… well, let’s just say the need to have a toilet nearby was at ahotel day sleeper higher level than usual.  So on our way to Fred Meyer department store to use their facilities Sunday morning, Carissa yelled from the back that she had just secured a Priceline deal on a hotel room out by the airport for $39.  Done.  Hotel Day.

After an early check in (8:30 a.m. – SCORE!) we got Carissa settled in to her bed and I cooked up some eggs on the RV stove.  Then we snagged some juice and coffee from the Radisson Welcome Center and enjoyed a little NFL Today whilst we ett (that’s “ate” in Redneck).  Then the girls and I got tired of breathing sick air so we went exploring.

Well, we had to get a little creative so we found a lesser used parking lot with one van in the middle and did timed laps around that for awhile.  Then we explored the “river” which was really a drainage ditch but the little ladies believed me when I told them it was a natural area for wild habitat and native plant reclamation. Then it was kinhotel day eggsda getting cold so it was off to explore the inside of the hotel, where we were delighted to discover that no one else was using the exercise room, so it kind

of became our own personal jungle gym for awhile.  hotel day run

Later, we watched the Steelers game, had some dinner, all showered up real good, and basically had one luxurious amazing day (Carissa didn’t enjoy it so much, but I guarantee you she was happier in that bed than in our tiny RV with a thin sheet of plastic which passes for a wall between her and the rest of the room when she had to do her sick business).  So me and the girls talked it over and decided we enjoyed that pretty good, so now we’re seeing about talking Carissa into being sick about once  a month or so,  so we can go back and enjoy a $39 sick day at the airport Radisson.

hotel day run 2

hotel day gym


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One Comment
  1. Tom Peterson permalink

    Hi! I just found your blog and I have been reading up on your adventure. I must say that it is a teriffic on-line magazine that you are writing, and you both have just the most beautiful daughters to experience it with. I am saying this from the perspective of a father who misses having his little girls around, now that they are grown. I also am reading it to learn as much as I can so after retiring, I can go do something similar with my wife. Thanks for the great reading!

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