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7 Lies I Used to Believe (and you still do)

November 26, 2012

OK, first off let me apologize for the intentionally provocative and somewhat obnoxious title.  I’m not judging you, really.  I just like to title things interestingly and well, here you are reading so I guess it worked.  🙂

With that said, in celebration of our SEVEN MONTH ANNIVERSARY of being [kind of] homeless, I thought I’d share with you the 7 lies I used to believe, all of which I have now convincingly refuted by virtue of my own experience!  Check ’em out…

Here’s a shot of my dad on a recent trip through the mountains in Montana. Look at that clean shave!

1.  “I should purchase shaving cream (and other completely useless stuff pushed on me by companies with a questionable motive)”.  When I was learning to shave my dad noted how much shaving cream I was using and pointed out that I only thought I needed that amount because of watching shaving cream commercials.  Boy was he spot on with that one.  He was so spot on, that the reality is I don’t need ANY shaving cream.  Soap works just fine.  Ditto all kinds of other stuff (Q-tips, numerous kitchen appliances, and a different style shoe for every possible circumstance, for example).

2.  “If I don’t shower every day I will look awful”.  Totally false.  I now shower every 3 to 5 days and for the most part look and smell just fine.  It’s kind of like using Armor All on your car’s dash board.  Once it gets used to it, you need a LOT of it.  But if you don’t use it all the time (I’m talking about shampoo now) then less frequent applications work plenty good.

3.  “If I move into an RV people will assume I’m having a hard time”.  Maybe it’s just our neighborhood, but just about everyone who learns what we’re doing is fascinated and usually says they’ve either DONE this or would like to do it sometime.  Either that or they’re just being polite and really want to bring us some groceries so we don’t starve.

4.  “I live simply”.  I used to believe I lived simply.  Now I KNOW that I live simply.  Or do I?  I still out eat out all the time, have several different shirts to wear, and have FOUR different pairs of shoes!   SHEESH!  I’m in the lap of luxury compared to a large percentage of the world’s population!

5.  “If I don’t have other entertainment options I’ll read more”.  Uh-uh.  Turns out I still have to discipline myself to read even though I barely have TV and internet access.  Don’t get me wrong, I am a big fan of reading.  I just figured I’d be doing it constantly with no distractions, but instead I’ve discovered that reading with no place to escape to do it is a struggle for me.  On the other hand, I have experienced an uptick in meaningful family interactions so at least there’s that.

6.  “Living in an RV will start to feel claustrophobic”.  I’ll have to go with “not yet” on this one. Could happen.  So far the inexplicable sense we constantly have is that we have “so much room” in here.  I’m serious.  And no, I cannot quite explain this.  Maybe I should see a psychologist.

7.  “Living in an RV will be an adventure that will provide lots of great memories for my family and essentially pay for itself.”  Well, that one turned out to be TRUE!  After 7 months we already have lots of great memories, tons of interesting stories, we’ve learned a lot, and all of us would do it again in a heartbeat!  Then there’s the bonus that every month we live in this thing we save over $1,000 in housing expenses, which means if we do it long enough we kind of get a free RV out of the deal.

So we know we won’t do this forever.  And we aren’t necessarily suggesting anyone else should.  But for us, it’s been a great experience and – so far at least – it’s working out real well.

Do you have any lies that you used to believe that [maybe] I still do?  I’d love to hear about them!

One Comment
  1. Darrell permalink

    I’ve been full-timing Dec. 2010… I keep hearing the same stuff. When are getting a house. That I can’t / don’t have room. ETC…

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