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Dude, Where’s Your Stuff?

June 16, 2012

One of our favorite things is when people ask us with that look of incredulity that usually includes a crooked mouth and one exaggeratedly high eyebrow raised, “So what did you do with all your stuff?”.

The reality is, we don’t have any stuff.  One of the benefits of not being attached to any material possessions is that you don’t have to haul them around when you move into an RV.  Now let me point out quickly, we do have a few boxes of photographs and vital papers and what-not in about six boxes in some friends’ basement (thanks Chris & Michelle!).  But other than that, everything we own is in our RV.  Before our big move we had a yard sale and got rid of everything else, which wasn’t much given that it came to about $1300 and that was including my $300 guitar.  By the way, it’s pretty humbling to realize that you’re 42 years old and all your worldly possessions are worth $1300.  I’m still not sure whether to be mortified or proud of that fact.  And there were a few things that were hard to part with.  My guitar, various books, a piano.  That type of thing.  But for the most part it was incredibly gratifying to see it all go.  When you have a guitar you have to have a case and a place to store it and then worry about whether the strings need to be replaced and whether you shouldn’t maybe get a nice stand to put it on so it doesn’t fall down and break.  Then multiply that by all your possessions.  That’s a lot of frettin’!  (Pun totally intended).  But then take all those things away and your fret level just goes right away with ’em.


And I gotta say, in the short six weeks since we took the plunge, we have nary missed a thing.  Occasionally I need a tool I don’t have, but I can borrow one.  Sometimes wearing the same clothes all the time gets old, but then I remember how quickly I can do laundry and it seems worth it.  Once in a while I miss sitting at my piano and letting my cares slip out the end of my fingers onto the keys where they dissipate into the music.  That’s nice.  But now when I get a chance to do that I appreciate it more, and overall I have way fewer cares to let slip away.  So it’s almost a wash!  (Almost.  I really do miss my piano).  All in all, we feel that what we have lost is far less than what we have gained.  And when we think about what we might gain if we do this for a year or two, we’re confident that the net benefit will absolutely outweigh the minor things we may have to do without or not be able to “get”.  At the end of the day, any problems we have in society at large aren’t because people didn’t accumulate enough junk that they were responsible to deal with.  And it might just be one of our big problems in society that people are spending too much time pursuing the almighty dollar so they can accumulate junk they don’t really need and mostly don’t even use so they can tell their friends how cool they are for having it.

Just a thought.

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