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How to Spend $6/year on Razor Blades (instead of $6/month)

June 15, 2012

Here’s one of my little pet discoveries.  I’ve been rockin’ the same pack of razor blades for over two years now.  Someone somewhere introduced me to the notion that it’s not USE that dulls razor blades, but MOISTURE.  So if you dry them off real well after use they last a loooooot longer.  It is a bit of a commitment to get them dry after using, but at $12 for a 5 pack – not to mention reducing your footprint if you’re into that type of thing – it’s worth the trouble.  So in March of 2010 I bought a five pack and just lost the last one in the move.  That’s two years…PLUS!  This is one example of the type of things that help us keep our expenses down and keep our RV from filling up with “stuff”.  You got any tips that fall into this category?  I’d love to hear them!Image

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