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Why The Rialta is the Best RV on the Road

June 4, 2012

Hi!  Thanks20140224-090211.jpg for coming by to read why I believe The Rialta is the Best RV On the Road.  My name is Don Niemyer and I’ve lived in a VW Rialta for over 2 years now with my wife and two daughters.  I am a Coffee Consultant, RV Minimalist, National Explorer, and Family Man.  I blog about all this at, and I hope you’ll check out some of my other work there as well.  A pretty good primer would be  How to Stealth Camp Like a BOSS, Moments, and What I’ve Learned by Being Homeless.    And you’ll definitely want to check out the VIDEO TOUR of my rig over at YouTube.  But for now…


Thanks for coming by.  I really do appreciate it.

  1. permalink

    Dude, love the blog. Quick idea for the shower–in the meantime before you get your gas hot water heater you should buy a solar backpacking shower from an outdoor store. They are basically a bag of water with a black side to absorb the sun’s heat and a nozzle. Set it out in the sun for half of the day during the summer and you should have some real nice hot water for your shower that evening.

  2. Rich permalink

    Nice Rialta. I’m thinking of getting one. You should check out The Tiniest Mansion on Amazon. It’s a Kindle book and has lots of info on making more Rialta mods.

  3. Awesome Rialta and thanks for all of the insights. We are considering one for a big road trip in a few years. Have you heard of anyone adding a pop-top w/ bed similar to the Eurovan Camper editions? I’d consider that for a bit more sleeping space for a family of 4 but have not been able to find anyone who has done that conversion yet….

    • I haven’t ever seen that CR, but our family of four sleeps with no problem. It’s when we’re NOT sleeping that we run into some issues!

  4. Karen Branson permalink

    You have not mentioned what you do about the holding tank capacity or lack of. How often do you have to dump your holding tanks and where do you do that?

    • Hi Karen! Our capacity is pretty small, which we mitigate by using it less. We use public park toilets, grocery store ones, etc. when we’re around them. But of course we do use our toilet and there are four of us, so we have to empty once every week or two. Fortunately for us, there is a Camping World RV Center in Portland which has a free dump station. When we’re out on the road, most any RV park will let you dump and refill for about 5 or 10 dollars.

  5. How do we make contact and get reply ? Id like to order the Leather handle Coffee Mug for wife’s BDay…Tried the Coffee Shop Site but unable to see the mug for sale ! ed hass

  6. We just found this blog and love it! You need to come davenport, Iowa and try Redband coffee! It is amazing.

  7. Jason permalink

    Love my ’95 Rialta but have to get rid of it. We’ve outgrown it. 😦 I would love to put it up for sale on your website so it goes to a good home. Have you ever thought of adding a “By My Rialta” link on your site…or did I miss it?

    • I don’t have anything like that. I figure there’s already enough sites for that. being the most prominent one that I’m aware of. I always just look on Craigslist and deal directly with individuals myself. I’m not much on dealers… What’s the details on yours? ’95 probably has the 5 cylinder engine? Or was that the year they changed over to the VR6? How many miles and what are you asking for it?

      • Mark Pendergrast permalink

        I just bought a 1998 Rialta and disinfected the water and drained it and then added fresh water. But my hot water spigot will not work. It just sputters. What should I do? Also, the spigot for the main sink is ridiculously short and drips onto the back edge of the sink. I guess I should replace it with a longer unit.

    • Try and our Rialta-Tech site.
      There is a section for CLASSIFIED and Photos. Many have sold their Rialta’s there…ed

  8. Kudos for the video and blog. Well done! Pardon please if you’ve addressed this, but would you mind passing along your annual expenditures?

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